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Thermal Imaging

Using thermal imaging cameras, J2 Technology Solutions designed a solution for Casino Del Sol to protect their guests and team members.

Casino Del Sol approached us to build them a checkpoint solution for detecting elevated body temperatures that they could install at all of their guest and team member entrances. This solution is a non-intrusive, quick and easy way to check for temperatures of your staff and customers. These cameras can be installed as a standalone checkpoint station with a tripod and a local monitor. As your customers walk up to the station the camera will detect the temperature and show you the results on the screen as a square box over the head with a temperature reading in either Fahrenheit or Celsius. These cameras will detect elevated skin-surface temperature with an accuracy up to ± 0.9 Fahrenheit (± 0.5 degrees Celsius). Furthermore, with an additional black box calibrator accessory these cameras can reach up to ± 0.5 degrees Fahrenheit (± 0.3 degrees Celsius). Handheld Thermal Device Great for small offices, daycare, restaurants, retailers Basic Standalone Checkpoint Perfect for large office buildings, schools, theaters, large retailers, malls Premium Standalone & Integrated Solutions Suited for casinos, airports, sporting arenas, government buildings, and any high security venue. Onsite and remote demos are available upon request.

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